public-transportation-safetySafety is the highest priority for Gray Line of Tennessee.  We are proud of our Department of Transportation safety rating, and it’s among the best in the country.

All of our coaches are routinely inspected, maintained, and kept in top operating condition by a team of skilled technicians.  In addition, our drivers maintain a regular training schedule, keeping them up to date on federal operating and safety regulations.

Gray Line of Tennessee adheres to the following safety best practices:

  • Our vehicles are maintained to the highest state and federal standards and are routinely inspected for wear and tear or any defects that could compromise the safety of passengers;
  • We are committed to well-trained drivers and use classroom and on-line training to provide opportunities for continuous improvement and assure that they are up to date on regulations and operating procedures;
  • Our drivers are committed to perform daily pre and post-trip inspections and must sign and submit a daily vehicle inspection report;
  • Our drivers comply with the U.S. DOT’s hours-of-service regulations and are limited to no more than ten hours of driving and fifteen hours total of on-duty time; and
  • Every quoted trip is reviewed for possible fatigue issues as a result of unanticipated stops or delays and extended overnight driving.

In addition, all of our vehicles meet standards for the prevention of air pollution.  We have the most environmentally up-to-date emission systems to help protect our earth.

Driver Qualifications

  • Under DOT regulations, we ensure that our drivers are fully qualified:
  • All of our drivers hold a current Commercial Driver’s License with a passenger endorsement
  • All of our drivers hold a valid medical certificate
  • All of our drivers have successfully completed a background check
  • All of our drivers have completed a MVR check from all states
  • We have access to all our drivers historical records and DOT roadside inspections
  • We follow a driver drug/alcohol testing program that complies with DOT regulations

Limitations on Driving

There are federal limits on how long a commercial driver may drive.  Our drivers can be On Duty for 15 hours but not driving more than 10 hour or 550 miles, following 8 consecutive hours off duty.  On-duty includes performing preventative maintenance inspections, being on call for a group’s arrival/departure, waiting at the curbside or circulating city streets to pick up a group. Off-Duty includes sitting onboard the bus to rest when there are no facilities available for the driver to lock up and leave the bus.

View Requlation 392.6 Schedules to Conform with Speed Limits.

To assure that these limits are adhered to, federal regulations require customers to provide a detailed itinerary for every trip.  In order to ensure passenger safety and adherence to federal and state laws, a second driver, or relief driver, may be required.  If planning a long trip, please consult with your Sales Representative to review hours-of-service limitations.


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