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COVID-19 Response and Precautionary Measures

Gray Line Tennessee is committed to responsible tourism and traveler safety.

Regardless of where you’re traveling from, we remain committed to keeping you, your family and friends safe.
You can read more about our specific precautionary measures below.

In partnership with Vanderbilt Health, Ryman Hospitality and SERVPRO, The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp created this hospitality and safety program to help area businesses operate at the forefront of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) cleaning, health and safety recommendations.

Read more about our certification with this program here.

For the past two decades, International Motorcoach Group (IMG) has been North American’s premier, invitation only transportation group. Even before the pandemic, IMG has proven their commitment to the safety of their operators and their customers by providing valuable resources and collaborative learning with over 50 charter operators throughout North America.

Read more about our standards as one of IMG’s premier ground transportation companies here.

We believe businesses can only do so much on their own – and that’s why we’re proud to have been an official Gray Line Worldwide licensee since 1988. As part of a community of over 100 operators throughout the world, Gray Line Tennessee has been committed to responsible tourism and traveler safety for the past 110 years. Our corporate responsible tourism policy allows our customers flexible booking and free cancellation based on current travel restrictions.

Capacity & Schedule

a close up of a logoAs we follow best practices and guidelines, many of our vehicles will operate below full capacity to give you plenty of room to spread out. Additionally, we have modified our schedules to best serve our customers and meet your needs for tour times.

Our website is updated in real-time to reflect our tour schedule, and we will communicate with our customers promptly about any scheduling changes, if they are necessary.


Daily Employee Wellness Checks

a close up of a logoWe ask all of employees (and customers) to remain home if they are not feeling well. At the beginning of each shift, we are requiring our drivers to complete a daily wellness check. Every employee is asked to certify that they do not have a fever above 100⁰F and that they are not experiencing any symptoms associated with the coronavirus.

Cleanliness and Sanitization

a close up of a logo

Before and after every trip, we thoroughly disinfect each bus according to CDC recommended guidelines.


Sanitation Stations & Social Distancing on Every Vehicle

a close up of a logoFor the protection of our guests and employees, we’ve installed hand sanitizer stations at the entrance of every vehicle. We’ve also roped off the first row of all of our trolleys and we’ve  installed plexiglass behind our drivers on our double deckers to help ensure a safe social distance between our guests and their driver.

Additionally, all employees are required to wear face masks while serving customers (as mandated by the Governor’s four-phase reopening plan), and drivers will step off their vehicles before guests enter and exit.

We do not require our guests to wear face masks, but we do encourage you to wear them when you are within 6’ of another guest outside your household.

Always Open

a close up of a plateSince 1973, we’ve been there for our customers’ travel needs — and now is no different. Even throughout these unprecedented times we have not experienced a single report of sickness or illness from our employees. We are committed to continuing to serve you.

Enjoy your tour and have fun, knowing that you can trust our team to provide the safest environment possible. Thank you for choosing to tour with us and have a wonderful day in Nashville.


Frequently Asked Questions


Nashville is using a guide called “Roadmap for Reopening Nashville.” What Phase is Nashville currently operating?

  • Nashville is currently at PHASE 2. Details about this phase can be found by clicking this link.


What are the normal cleaning procedures for your vehicles?

  •  We professionally clean all vehicles before every use, which includes cleaning floors, seats, overhead compartments, lavatory, and other areas. We only use disinfectant supplies that are approved by the CDC and are appropriate and safe for the specific application.

What are your updated cleaning procedures for your vehicles?

  •  Interior hard surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant after each trip. This includes door handles, arm rests, overhead controls, and driver areas.
  • Interior soft surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant after each trip, including seats and seat belts.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of all vehicles and in lavatories (where applicable).
  • Drivers have face masks and disposable gloves available to them to use at their discretion.

Are face masks and hand sanitizer available for customers?

  • Hand sanitizer is available on all Charter buses and tour vehicles, including our trolleys and double deckers. Masks have been provided for the drivers and guides, but they are not available for passengers.

Are passengers required to wear masks while on buses or tours?

  • Passengers are not required to wear masks but we encourage everyone to follow the CDC Guidelines for protecting yourself against COVID-19.

What measures have you taken for social distancing on buses for Charter group trips?

  •  The first row of seats (four seats) behind the driver have been blocked off to provide six feet of social distancing between the passengers and the driver.

Are Charter passengers required to social distance?

  • We do not further limit passengers count below the seating capacity of the vehicle.
  • It is up to the client to determine any additional precautions that need to be taken, up to and including social distancing and the wearing of masks.

Is there social distancing on Sightseeing tours?

  • Yes, the Music City Hop On Hop Off Trolley tour is operating at 50% capacity. The Nashville City Tour on the Double Decker has limited capacity. We offer brochures on this tour with diagrams of suggested seating for social distancing.

What tours are you currently operating?

  • Nashville City Tour
  • Music City Hop On / Hop Off Tour

Is Gray Line Black Car currently taking reservations?

  • Yes, we are taking reservations for Black Car services.

Are there any social distancing requirements for Black Car services?

  • Yes, we are currently not accepting reservations for Sedans in order to help promote
    social distancing.

When will the line runs begin again for the Casinos?

  • Tropicana Casino is open, but they are not allowing Bus Groups at this time. Their website
    states that they will not start these again until mid-July or a time that social distancing
    allows for safe travel.

Are there any bus trips going to Tunica Casinos?

  • No, there are no scheduled line runs or trips scheduled for Tunica Casinos.

What are your current hours of operation?

  • Riverfront Train Station:

▪ Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
▪ Saturday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • 2nd & Broadway:

▪ Thursday-Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.