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Women’s Suffrage Tour

Take a trip through one of America’s most pivotal moments!

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An Experience 100 years in the Making…

 In 1921, the United States had a decision to make. Would the pro-suffragists prevail, granting the nation’s 26 million women the right to vote?

After the United States House and Senate passed the 19th Amendment in 1919, it was then sent to the States for ratification. The Women’s Suffrage Tour highlights the important sites and stories that moved the 19th Amendment from a mere bill into governmental policy.

As support for the bill exploded, so did the anti-suffragists’ opposition. The Hermitage Hotel was a focal point for much of the activity associated with the Women’s Suffrage movement and where members of Tennessee State Legislature stayed while sessions were conducted. It was also the 1914 headquarters for the National Women’s Suffrage Association Convention, and the 1920 home of Pro Suffrage and Anti-Suffrage Offices.

 Learn about Carrie Chapman Catt, the National American Women’s Suffrage Association President and successor to Susan B. Anthony. Catt’s prowess helped directing Women’s Suffrage policy in the state-to-state campaign.

 Hear about Tennessee Equal Suffrage League President Anne Dallas Dudley, and how she was the first woman in Tennessee history to give a speech ahead of the 1914 Women’s Suffrage Parade.

On this walking tour, you will also visit:
  •       Centennial Park
  •       Nashville Public Library
  •       The Hermitage Hotel
  •       Tennessee State Capitol
  •       Bicentennial Park and Farmer’s Market
  •       Tennessee State Museum